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Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation: Building Our Future

Forest Hills Schools Grants The Forest Hills Public School district continues to achieve excellence — currently ranking as one of the best school systems in Michigan. That is precisely why it is time for the Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation, in partnership with the district, to look thoughtfully at what must be done to retain that leadership position.

The vision of Forest Hills Public Schools is to create a new model of education which equips every student with the 21st century skills essential for success. If Forest Hills truly wants to create a new system of learning and maintain its leadership position in the decades to come, then it must attract research and development funding from people who want to invest in the future success of our students and schools.

Our goal is to attract investment funds to create opportunities for innovation. The Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation will provide the capital needed to fund the research and development of innovations that can lead to new levels of excellence. Once those innovations have been tested and proven, the Foundation can then provide the funds to scale them to the entire district.

Forest Hills Schools Grant Recipient Spotlight

Forest Hills Schools Grant Recipient SpotlightIn the classroom, high school students differ in almost every way possible. No two students are exactly alike, but at Forest Hills Northern High School, Mr. Elbert Yeh has seen this, and he is attempting not only to use that to his students’ advantage, but also to create new possibilities that his students could only ever dream of before. Teaching for 21 years, Mr. Yeh has seen and met all types of students, which is why he has been striving to inspire all of the curious minds that cross his path. This is especially true in the classroom where Mr. Yeh teaches Physics.  Learn More →

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