Forest Hills Schools Grant Recipient Spotlight


In the classroom, high school students differ in almost every way possible. No two students are exactly alike, but at Forest Hills Northern High School, Mr. Elbert Yeh has seen this, and he is attempting not only to use that to his students’ advantage, but also to create new possibilities that his students could only ever dream of before. Teaching for 21 years, Mr. Yeh has seen and met all types of students, which is why he has been striving to inspire all of the curious minds that cross his path. This is especially true in the classroom where Mr. Yeh teaches Physics. 

“In this very classroom, I have the privilege of teaching students who actually want to be here and learn what I’m teaching. I know that no two students are alike, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Actually, it’s seldom a bad thing. Here, I try to bring out the best in every person in this classroom, whether it’s through our lessons or extracurriculars, and I make sure their curiosity doesn’t go to waste”, Mr. Elbert Yeh stated during an interview. 

This has sparked interest in Mr. Yeh and his students for newer, and more importantly, more demanding projects that will continue to challenge and grow the minds of those who work on them. Fortunately for Mr. Yeh, during a robotics competition, a student approached him with an idea for their most extraordinary project yet. He had seen it as an advertisement and was hooked right away, knowing that the project would challenge them and be creative, fun, and exciting! 

Right away, Mr. Yeh and his class knew that the all-electric vehicle was a much-needed investment, but they needed more funds to fulfill their wishes. Luckily for them, Mr. Yeh knew he could get the needed funds by applying for a Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation grant. So, he worked on perfecting his grant application form for three weeks straight. Everything had to be

perfect. Not only did Mr. Yeh have to teach, run a robotics club, stay after school to help further educate his students, and have a private life outside of school, but now he had to find a way to devote most of his time applying. After about a month, Mr. Elbert Yeh finally submitted his application and eagerly awaited the pending results. After reviewing the application, The FHPS Foundation soon acknowledged the possibilities and opportunities the all-electric vehicle could bring for the Forest Hills community, and generously decided to approve the grant! 

“At first, It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and then I just became filled with joy and excitement. Nevertheless, seeing my students’ reactions was the best part of 

the whole thing!” Mr. Yeh exclaimed. “My job isn’t just to teach them but to better them as students and as people, and I’m truly grateful for the approval of this grant because I know that it will give my students the resources they need to grow and change the world.”

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