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Foundation Grant Application

The primary purpose of the Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation is to provide funds for creative and unique programs and activities that promote academic and arts excellence and are beyond normal school budgetary and operational functions. The Foundation's policy is to award grants only for programs and activities that can be directly or indirectly identified as part of, or related to, school curriculum. The Foundation looks most favorably upon grant requests that would impact the greatest number of students and integrates disciplines or curricular areas.

Grant seekers are encouraged to submit grant requests by the required date as indicated on the grant timeline for submission.

I. Grant Information


Grant Name:

Total Amount Requested:
Anticipated Start Date for Project:

Grant Curriculum Link:
Other Curriculum Link:

Activity Type:

Number of Student Impacted Each Year:
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Applicant Information




Building Supervisor/ Principal Approval

Supervisor Email:

By checking this box, I verify that I have shared this request with my supervisor and he/she has approved this request and agrees to support and monitor implementation if grant is awarded. My supervisor also understands that if I am awarded this grant, any related costs that exceed the approved grant amount must be covered with school budget funds.

II. Grant Description

Please summarize the grant for which you are requesting funds, including what you are asking for and how the funds will be utilized.

Explain why your grant is needed.

Describe how your grant proposal is tied to curriculum.

Describe how students will be directly impacted by your grant.

III. Financial Budget

Total Amount Requested (Please be sure to include total costs such a shipping and supplies if needed):

Item 1

Name of Item:
Description of Item:

Item 2

Name of Item:
Description of Item:

Item 3

Name of Item:
Description of Item:

Item 4

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Item 5

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Item 6

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Description of Item:

IV. Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents (if needed, please create a zip file). Please include documents such as quotes for purchases (must include for items you want to purchase), informational material, additional details not listed in this application.

V. Agreement Regarding Foundation Procedures

By submitting this grant, you agree to comply with all Foundation procedures regarding this grant including promoting & acknowledging the Foundation for said funding, following the grant purchase process that the business office will give to you, adhere to deadline for spending grant and submitting paperwork, and allowing the Foundation trustees to view your project in the classroom.

To ensure that all submissions are valid please answer the following question: What is 7+3?