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Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation Grants

The primary purpose of the Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation is to provide funds for creative and unique programs and activities that promote academic and arts excellence and are beyond normal school budgetary and operational functions. The Foundation's policy is to award grants only for programs and activities that can be directly or indirectly identified as part of or related to, school curriculum. The Foundation looks most favorably upon grant requests that would impact the greatest number of students and integrates disciplines or curricular areas.

How to Apply

Grant Application Form

Grant applicants are required to submit grant requests by completing and submitting an online application. The deadline for the 2018 Spring grant cycle is February 2nd. Please address the guideline criteria as indicated below in your grant application.

The Grant Committee of the FHPS Foundation will evaluate each grant request based upon all facts and circumstances, including the following guidelines:

  1. Important:  Requests for technology hardware, such as iPads, laptops, and chromebooks just to increase inventory will not be considered. The application needs to represent something that is creative in the classroom. The request should show how desired technology will make an impact in the classroom. Applications also need to demonstrate how the request directly relates to the curriculum, preferably through a connection to a School or the District Improvement Plan.
  2. If the grant is for technology, does it primarily fund software, materials and training or hardware? Has the technology department been contacted to determine if technology requested is compatible with technology currently used in the district, your school, your classroom? Has the technology department been contacted to determine preferred pricing? Have you included all costs necessary for the technology (i.e.: infrastructure, start-up, future year costs)?
  3. Does the grant provide a clear description/budget on how grant funds will be used or what will be purchased? A grant request budget must be received with grant request or request will be denied.
  4. Does the grant have the potential to impact more than one (1) classroom and or school?
  5. Are there alternative sources of funding for the grant request or have you secured matching funds (i.e.: PTO, Cultural Arts, and/or building funds)? Collaboration with other funding sources is highly encouraged.
  6. Is the grant request to continue funding of an existing program?
  7. Does the grant fund an expansion (duplication) of a successful program to other grades and/or buildings?
  8. Programs will not be funded retroactively.
  9. Should the original criteria change, the grant request must be returned to the Foundation for discussion and re-approval.
  10. Final Grant Evaluation Form and Final Expenditure Report must be submitted prior to deadline. Deadline for Fall Cycle is prior to December 29. Deadline for Spring Cycle is prior to May 15.

Based on review, the Grant Committee will take one of three actions:

  • Approve the application for full or partial funding.
  • Return the application with suggestions for resubmitting.
  • Deny the request.

* Please be advised if your grant is approved, and any change to the original grant occurs for any reason, the grant must be re-submitted to the Foundation for re-evaluation.

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Should you have any questions, please call Jana Siminski in the Foundation office at 493-8500. Thank you for your dedication in providing Excellence in Education to all of our students in Forest Hills Public Schools.

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