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Destination: Innovation

Forest Hills Public Schools Destination: Innovation
Forest Hills Public Schools Destination: Innovation

Equipping Teachers to Transform Learning

The vision of Forest Hills Public Schools is to create a new model of education which equips each student with the 21st century skills they need to be successful.

This includes four essential elements:

  • Achieving educational standards
  • Project - based rather than subject-based learning
  • Individual plans based on student’s progress
  • Advanced training for teachers

Creating a new model is exciting, fulfilling, and leading-edge work. Oddly enough, it bears a much stronger resemblance to research and development than it does to traditional education. It is, in fact, true innovation.

The Campaign

The Forest Hills Public Schools Foundation is charged with raising the funds needed for this educational R&D. Our $500,000 “ Destination: Innovation” advancement campaign will fund exploration of new learning methods, structures, and ideas. These funds will enrich teachers with essential resources - such as time, training and technology - so they can deliver a new type of learning in a new way.

Exciting concepts keep emerging from both students and faculty as they embrace innovation. This campaign will allow both teachers and students to test and explore the most intriguing paths for research.

To contribute to the campaign or or more information, please contact Jana Siminski, 493-8954 or

The Foundation's Mission

To provide funding for all areas of academic excellence in Forest Hills Public Schools.

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